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Key Features

  • Managing End-To-End Customer-Facing Processes For simplified processing

  • Consolidating Data and Increasing Visibility Can’t get easier than this!
  • Increasing the Flexibility and Functionality of Current Infrastructure

  • Value Added Products and Services

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Business Process Management (BPM) sees processes as important assets of an organization that must be understood, managed, and developed to announce and deliver value-added products and services to clients or customers. With development of technology, the use of technology to further optimize processes using BMP software.

Why choose NEOLOTEX?

Neolotex through the use of technology has developed business process management software, which help optimizing the efficiency of each process to gain maximum output. The benefits of using cloud BPM services include removing the need and cost of maintaining specialized technical skill sets in-house and reducing distractions from an enterprise’s main focus. It offers controlled IT budgeting and enables geographical mobility. Neolotex has developed a suite of business management process services which are critical to better operations of business. The technology is applied to the business after understanding the operational processes, for the optimal result. The solutions to problems within processes are provided in real time to cater to smooth functioning. The business process management tools are very simple and user friendly with best business process management software in India being deployed. Neolotex BPM suite is very budget friendly and is more economical to investing time and effort to maintain an inhouse facility.

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