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Key Features

  • Why worry about recruitment, training, and all the other shenanigans?

  • Most Advanced Data Entry Services in Bangalore

  • We are armed with the best technology to handle your data
  • Improved Work Efficiency

  • Let us be your data entry services provider!

  • Outsource Data Entry to Lessen Operational Expenses

Inputting data and other business-related information into the electronic medium is known as data entry. It is one of the most basic and important processes in the running of any business. Data entry normally involves the combination of a human-computer interface, wherein a human manually enters the required data with the help of tools such as a mouse, keyboard, and screen. Despite its significance, data entry can be an extremely mundane task that requires long man-hours and effort. Added to this is the high cost of employing, training, and maintaining staff.

Why choose NEOLOTEX?

Neolotex is a major and eminent data entry services company. With our innovative and radical technology, we have not only redefined the process but also perfected it. Our propriety and specially developed software accurately encode the data with no error. Neolotex provides outsource data entry services for BFC, NBFC, Microfinance, Telecomm, Insurance, Education and Healthcare domains. Our excellence in the field is due to our commitment to providing only the best services, made possible by our very dynamic and young team.

  • Data is Accessible from Any Place at Any Given Time
  • Lesser Operational Costs
  • Efficient Working and Better Productivity
  • Reliable and Secure Data Handling

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