Towards a Paperless Tomorrow

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Key Features

  • Saves Money

  • Outsource document scanning to cut costs

  • Welcome to the New Age with Our Document Scanning Services
  • Why go old school when it’s the digital age?

  • Faster Access

  • Share and process documents faster with document digitization

It’s the 21st century and we are sadly still stuck with paper documents. Storing and managing them is not only expensive but also a very daunting task. To add to it, file cabinets take up a lot of unnecessary space that can be used for other functions. Document scanning is an efficient way to overcome these problems. Imaging and digitization ensure secure storage, faster access, and efficient processing of your documents. It also provides a user-friendly retrieval system that is very cost-effective and environment-friendly. Manually scanning documents by a company is another time-consuming process and outsourcing bulk document scanning services is the way forward.

Why choose NEOLOTEX?

This is where we come into play with our high-speed scanners combined with manual processing and repeated quality checks. Neolotex provides high-quality document scanning services in India. Our processing is error-free and has no scope of any reduction in superior imaging. We follow eight strict steps rule to an effective scanning: Inwarding Customer Document, Preparation of Document, Scanning, Image Enhancement, Indexing, Tagging, Submission, and Backlog Scanning.

  • Improve Records Traceability and Security
  • Reduces Cost and Frees Up Space
  • Readily Accessible information
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery Management

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