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Key Features

Supports cross platform and cross Devices

Works with Different operating systems and devices seamlessly

Role-based access control

Different access can be given to different roles

Integrated Dashboard

Customized and integrated dashboards for different roles

Customized Data Indexing and Tagging

Proper data encryption and Sorting can be done

Powerful and Exhaustive Search Engine using metadata, tag or any keyword

Users can define the metadata and search pattern

Integration with core business system like ERP, CRM, etc

Our DMS can be integrated with multiple platforms

Cloud storage and access

Access the document data, anywhere from the world with our fast and secure cloud

Bulk document scanning and storage

Scan and store bulk document spontaneously

Highlight different tasks

Customized notifications can be given to highlight different tasks and Supports digital signature

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Whatever the scale of your Business Documents, doQman-DMS is equipped to handle a wide variety of documents used throughout your company with ease. Don’t ever bother about your business type and size; our adaptable DMS software can easily handle your business documents. doQman’s capability incorporates configurable workflows and helps you achieve efficient document transaction and collaboration.

NeoLotex established with a backdrop of expertise and solutions in the areas of BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Corporates.

doQman-DMS is a platform which would act as an eco-system specially made for SME’s evolving through opportunities and challenges in their way to establish. doQman ideally can take care of any document process across all departments in an organization. You can see our platform adaptability from our successful completion of 200+ projects, Scanned and Indexed of 120 Million documents, Booking of 4 Million Loans and have Cleansed 10+ Million records so far. Checkout our additional features to know how we served our 72+ clients.

Why choose NEOLOTEX?

Neolotex uses specialized document management system software to handle your information flow expertly. Touted as having one amongst the best document management software in India, our technologically advanced system a.k.a doQman is here to efficiently handle all your business documentation with ease. We create, store, manage, index, protect, and retrieve your documents to facilitate easy flow of critical information within an organisation.

  • Lesser Storage and Handling Cost
  • Unified and Centralised Document Archive
  • Minimal Delay and Trackable Processing
  • No Loss of Documents

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Years of History

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Projects Completed

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