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Key Features

  • Up-To-Date Debt Recovery

  • Let us make it easy for you

  • State-Of-The-Art Field Money Collection Software
  • Nothing but the finest!

  • Proficient field money collection solution in India

  • Nothing but the finest!

Today’s economic situation is very unpredictable and has put many companies under extreme financial strain. Bad debt is the reason for a lot of organizations to lose out on profits and positive financial investment. Developing good money collection strategies, identifying accounts with the highest payment potential, analysing industry trends and testing new strategies is important for any financial organization.

Why choose NEOLOTEX?

Neolotex has a specially developed field money collection software in India known as MOBiFIN. It is a mobile based tool for effective field collection through careful coordination. It helps in monitoring resources across a large geographical area for debt collection and makes it easy even for remote areas. Our technology is used in NBFCs and chit firms for on field collection. We use a unique BYOD model wherein the organization can embrace our expert technology without having to invest in mobile devices. Our expert handling process cuts cost, improves the process, and increases debt collection.

  • Upload Information Directly to Central Server
  • No Data Loss Due to Network Failure
  • Mismatch and Errors are Eliminated
  • Costs Associated with Delivering Information & Data Entry are Removed
  • Potential for Criminal Activities is Reduced as High Visibility Data is Used​
  • Easy Receipt Filling
  • Print Transaction Receipts Through Bluetooth Printer Device Integration
  • Hybrid Model that Supports Online and Offline Modes
  • Highly Secure as Information is Encrypted and Compressed
  • Leave Management

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