Easiest Way to Manage Large Volume of Medical Records

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Key Features

  • Through expert medical records management software

  • Identify, Archive, and Retrieve Records as and When Needed

  • We have the best hospital management software in India
  • Quick Handling of Hospital Records

  • State-of-the art medical records management services

  • Hospital care management simplified

Medical Record Management Solution is a process where technology is used to process, understand, manage, and store data coming in the form of medical records. This hospital records management system is very critical to hospitals and other medical establishments that deal with high data volumes. Without the hospital records management software, managing thousands of papers and hunting them down in the time of need is a difficult process. Hence, a patient record management software is of utmost importance.

Why choose NEOLOTEX?

Neolotex is one among the healthcare software companies in Bangalore that has a specialized software built specifically for efficient records handling known as MRD Digital. Our advanced technology consisting of a medical records management software is designed to simplify healthcare records management, so that at the time of urgent need no information is lost. We ensure that critical data stays safe with our strict compliance procedures.

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