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Key Features

  • Efficient Storage and Compilation of Employee Records Data

  • Expert field service providers across the nation

  • Ensures Safe Documentation of Employee Records
  • Our residence address verification solutions are data encrypted

  • Easy and Fast Address Verification Service in India

  • Rigorous workflow process

The process of hiring an employee is a very critical process for the business as it determines the future of the company. In order to verify the details of the employee, there is a requirement of a team to conduct background verification of all employee furnished records. The cost and time consumed in doing this inhouse only lead to the loss in productivity in the business. But with the advent of technology, such tasks become redundant and it makes no sense to invest in a resource just for this.

Why choose NEOLOTEX?

There are many different address verification vendors in India. Neolotex has made its place in the industry through strong technological expertise in providing this service. Neolotex keeps in mind the sensitive nature of the data and promises to provide leading industry-standard encryption and safe storage.

  • Maps coordinate geographically
  • Field service provided across the nation
  • Sensitive data is kept secure
  • High technological expertise

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