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Key Features

  • Retail management software provides up-to-date updates

  • Make Your Customers Happy!

  • There’s a reason why we are known to have the best retail management software in India
  • Systematic Workflow

  • One of a kind retail order management software

  • Lesser Chance of Errors or Product Loss

Direct orders from customers once upon a time came from catalogues, but with the advent of technology eCommerce blossomed and order management systems developed. Good retail management holds a significant role in customer satisfaction. It also forms the basis of attracting new consumers and developing a relationship with them.

Why choose NEOLOTEX?

Neolotex has come up with an effective retail shop management software in India known as deLIVEron. It is a single system that manages coordination, orchestration and sales monitoring for different geographical locations. Our highly efficient system has GPS based staff tracking, administrative control, and well-organised order handling.

  • Hassle-Free Shopping
  • Proper Accounting
  • Hybrid Model that Supports Online and Offline Modes in the Event of Network Failure
  • Potential for Criminal Activities is Reduced as High Visibility Data is Used
  • Organised Leave Management for Staff
  • Zero Chance of Order Loss
  • Mismatch and Errors are Eliminated
  • Highly Secure as Information is Encrypted and Compressed
  • Customer Satisfaction​

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