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Key Features

  • Intelligent Software Technology Consulting

  • We develop the software as per your needs.

  • Advanced Software Services at Lower Costs
  • Unmatched advanced technology while reducing your operational costs

  • Quick IT Solutions

  • Aligns your technology and operational objectives in no time!

The advent of technology has been pivotal in solving many laborious tasks with simple development of a software. Every business that intends to grow, needs to think about employing technology to save time increase efficiency and cut costs, and this can be done with the help of software. Software Technology consulting has become a big a major industry where, different companies want to grow their business with technology and need help to build it.

Why choose NEOLOTEX?

Neolotex being a software consulting company functions as transformation consultants to it customers. Through its strong grasp of technology and the motivation to provide best solutions to its customers, has established itself as one of the premier software consulting companies in Bangalore. The engineering teams are always innovating to provide customized solutions to the problems posed by clients. Neolotex tries to understand the requirements of the clients and has always moved forward with a customer centric approach. Easy communication channels and transparent project management helps Neolotex deliver top-notch solutions, at the best cost and quick delivery time. Among the many IT consulting services companies, Neolotex stands apart as one of the go-to software consulting companies in India.

  • Lower operational costs
  • Greater time management
  • Enhanced business productivity
  • Smarter resource management

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