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Key Features

  • State-of-the-art web application penetration testing service

  • Modern Web Application Testing Services

  • A web application testing company which truly delivers
  • Safe & Secure Software

  • Excellent web application security testing service

  • Flawless & Smooth Software

Software is the driving force behind any business today and problems with is a common occurrence. Once the software is developed it doesn’t need to run flawlessly. Testing is the process by which it is ensured that the actual results match the expected ones and there are no errors involved. By acknowledging the problems and incorporating the testing phase in the early stages of implementation, the smooth running of a company’s software can be guaranteed. Software testing also ensures that the end quality of your product is high, customers are satisfied, and no loss is made due to the presence of any errors. Outsourcing this process to a software testing company is usually a cost-effective solution.

Why choose NEOLOTEX?

Neolotex is a leading software testing company in Bangalore that offers expert software testing services to software vendors (ISVs), enterprises and businesses. Our highly efficient and experienced team of only the best professionals test the quality, performance and user experience of customer products and applications. We use only the latest technology along with time-tested practices, proven frameworks, and established tools to perform testing activities. Neolotex offers services to telecom, supply chain, banking, and financial service industries. We test packaged software products, SAS applications, web applications, and software-enabled devices to ensure that they function smooth & error-free.

  • Better testing quality
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Detailed Reports and saves time

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